Extreme Sporting With Paragliding!

Paramotoring or paragliding is one of the most exciting extreme sports considered by many people the most dangerous one. To tell the truth, it isn’t more dangerous than motorcycling or any other extreme sporting. Its safety much depends on good training and good equipment. In the early 1970s there were many cases of injuries and even death. This can be explained by bad quality of the equipment and self training. In spite of its bad reputation nowadays paramotoring is becoming more and more popular. There are two main rules to achieve success in this sporting. The first is super class equipment and the second one is an experienced trainer of high qualification. The more you train, the better you fly and the safer you will be.

Speaking about the equipment we must say that you can find such at U Turn USA, the best known distributor of the world’s best paramotors and powered paragliding equipment. No other company selling para motors can be compared with U Turn USA in its reliability and safety of the paramotors sold here. Let us figure out what actually paramotor means (for those of you who don’t have a clue what this article is all about!). A paramotor, a form of ultralight aviation, represents a small motor of about 60-80 pounds. The pilot wearing the motor on his/her back runs into the air and the paraglider wing produces lift. After such take off, the pilot eases into the seat and sitting comfortably flies controlling the paraglider. So, perfect weather conditions are needed to perform such flights and, of course, a good location.

As to the training, there is a large Paramotor instructor network in the USA with training in all 50 states. A good training is a necessary condition for powered paragliding. The better your training, the more fun you will have and the safer you will be. You first learn to fly without leaving the ground. Smooth winds of 5-25 mph are needed to fly over your head, and after you have mastered, no wind is needed for flying. Perfect location for a beginner is also very important so the west coast beaches are the most suitable with their beautiful sunny days and smooth winds.

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